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Ugh!  I really gotta cut this out, but it’s pretty good money!

Just having a little fun…blame me?

Voice over work
Anyone gettin' any?
Done with Traffic Reports

It’s been a long day.  No more reports until Tuesday at 9pm.  I converted my studio to a standing studio.  It runs both ways.  Seated and standing.  I guess I’m lucky.  I noticed my sentences are short.  I must be tired.  Been up for 19 hours.  Nity-nite!

It’s not that I don’t trust you…it’s just that I can’t throw you that far.
Chris Murphy

This is a “reel” of my recent voice over work.

Yup that’s me.

Yup that’s me.

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I’m Really tired right now. LONG day. Lot’s ‘O kids…must…get…back…to Ship…er…bed…